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I've sort of held off shopping for Addison except for just some cutie boutique clothes or sales stuff from Old Navy and Target. We are also not doing a nursery. We co-sleep for the first little while. We do have a crib in case Addison just sleeps horribly with us but we won't be setting it up or shopping for it unless we end up needing it. So that takes all the fun out of nursery shopping! haha.

Here are the things on my list so far with links to the specific item:

Car Seat: Graco SafeSeat in Central Park or in Heirloom. This won out over the Britax Boulevard mostly becuase the fabric I want for my Boulevard won't come out until after we leave to get Addy and so this seemed like a good alternative. It is safe rear-facing to 30 lbs and 32" so should work until we need to go to the forward-facing Boulevard in a year or so.

Playyard: Graco Pack N Play in Central Park.I chose this one because I love toile and it matches the car seat (like they will ever be seen together!). We were on the fence over whether to get one or not but we don't do baby cribs or nurseries so I thought it might be a nice safe place for a nap.

Baby Gymnastics Deluxe Jumparoo

Feeding System: after much discussion, we settled on the Playtex disposible feeding system but NOT the drop-in system. The reason is becuase we felt like the drop-ins would take up just that much more space in our luggage, the boxes are pretty big. So we went with the much smaller traditional disposible bottle liner system. We bought the Naturalatch nipples (for lack of options) in the fast flow size and bought 2 of each - silicone and laytex. Hopefully one of those will work. Once we get home, we'll switch to a different system. I am currently debating between the Avent nursers or the Bottleflow bottles. We hope to eventually breastfeed so something that is compatible and encourages breastfeeding is the goal. We will also slowly reduce nipple flow size so she has to work harder for her food, mimicking the breast.

Stroller: I am on the fence. I'm waiting for this stroller from Fisher Price to be re-released this month (Sept) and may buy it. I'm not sure if our 4 year old really *needs* stroller access, though. It's awfully heavy for a single stroller if that is what I'll use it for 90% of the time. Also Addy will be carried in a baby carrier much of the time. So I will probably start researching single strollers instead.

Baby Carrier: I'm going to bring a traditional unpadded ring sling to Vietnam, for sure. I may also make a Mei Tai carrier, if I'm up to it. I will definitely use the mei tai at home for big outings and probably the ring sling for quick in-and-out-and-in errands.
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