Dec 28, 2005: Tony's physical completed, applied to homestudy agency.
Jan 16, 2006: assigned a homestudy social worker
Jan 17, 2006: adoption agency app sent
Jan 19, 2006: Nicki's adoption physical
Jan 25, 2006: 1st homestudy meeting
Feb 1, 2006: 2nd homestudy meeting
Feb 27, 2006: last homestudy meeting (home visit) - APPROVED!
March 17, 2006: I-600a sent!
April 1, 2006: Received fingerprint appointments
April 13, 2006: Fingeprints taken
May 4, 2006: Switch adoption agencies
May 10, 2006: received 171H
May 16, 2006: notarized documents, state-certified dossier and FedEx to agency. We are DTV!
May 18, 2006: dossier in California for Vietnamese authentication
May 30, 2006: dossier in Vietnam for translation
June 14, 2006: dossier translated and awaiting referral
July 6, 2006: referral!
July 9, 2006: dossier filed with the IAD
October 11, 2006: received TA!!!!

Still to come:
and finally travel!
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