Packing Lists
Ok, here's an attempt to keep track of my packing lists online. I thought I'd share in case anyone else wants ideas or wants to call me crazy for over packing!

Notes: my husband and I are traveling with 3 children ages 4, 9 and 12. Our daughter should be around six months old at the time of travel.

Medical Supplies:

Tylenol: infant drops, kids chewables, adult
Motrin: infant drops, adult
Tylenol Cold: adult
Benedryl - oral: child, adult
Hylands Teething Tabs
Decongestant: infant, child
Pepto/Immodium: child, adult
Power Antibiotics
Dramamine: child and adult
Scabies cream: small tube
Desitin cream: small tube
Rehydration salts
antibiotic ointment: small tube
Vicks nose stick
Sunscreen: 3 bottles
DEET wipes: 1 container
Purell: 4 travel containers

thermometer: digital
bandaids: 1 variety box, out of box, in ziploc
nail clippers
qtips (in ziploc)
medicine dispenser kit

Baby List:

diaper bag backpack
socks: 2-3 pair
PJS: 2 warm sacks, 2 cotton Old Navy pjs
outfits: 10 warm, 2 cool (variety of sizes between 3 mos and 12 mos)
hats: 2 sun hats
jacket: 1
shoes: 1 pair robeez
blanket: 1 heavy, 2 light
diapers: size 2 or 3, 16 (or enough to last for the first day after G&R and for the flight home)
hair ties (haha - as if)
bibs: 4
burp clothes: 2

formula: individual soy packets in case of allergy, individual regular packets to last until we can buy more formula in-country
Bottles: 2 4oz, 1 8oz
Bottle liners: 200 4oz, 100 8oz
nipples: 4 (2 round rubber, 2 round silicone, all fast flow)
baby wipes: 250
pacifiers: 4 (variety)
bottle brush
reusable bottle warmer
Gerber Stars: variety pack
baby sling and/or mei tai
hair brush
toothbrush & baby toothpaste

baby lotion
baby shampoo (share with kids)
Soap wipes (share with kids)

Toiletries and Miscellaneous Stuff:

travel alarm clock
power converters
money conversion sheet (laminated)
money belt x 2
paper folder
detergent in film canisters
dish soap in film canisters
travel toilet tissue
digital camera (batteries, SD card, battery charger)
Video camera (tapes, charger)
Travel journal
Sm. Umbrella x2
Gallon ziplock bags (for storage, organization, packing, etc
Food: snacks for hotel, ramen noodles for picky eaters, snacks for orphanage
Orphanage donations
Gifts for various staff

liquid bath soap (share with kids?) in ziplock
razors x2
toothbrush x 5
deodorant x2
hair dryer
curling iron
shampoo x2
brush x2

Coming soon.....carry-on list, kids list, adult clothing list
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