A Mother's Story
Once there was a girl who dreamed of a daughter while other little girls were dreaming of being nurses and super models. But a daughter was an unlikely possibility as the girl came from a family with a strong genetic predisposition for producing boys. Still she hoped. During her first pregnancy she knew instantly that she carried a boy. And this was ok. She loved her baby boy with all of her heart. He brought with him gifts that had been unexpected to this young Mom. He taught her to not just listen but also to hear. He taught her to trust her instincts as a Mother and let them be her guide. He taught her that a baby's needs come first and when they are met, all is right in the world. Indeed, she grew more in the first two years as a mother to this son than she had grown her entire life. Soon she became pregnant with another son. Pregnancy was not a natural or easy endeavor for this Mom. She became violently ill and despondent throughout each pregnancy. The wrath of young parenthood took its toll. Again this second son brought gifts to this Mom that she hadn't expected. His jovial spirit, his laid back and easy going nature, his persistence to heal naturally against mounting health problems all taught this Mom lessons she had not expected to learn. A few years of single parenthood later, this Mom married her best friend and decided to give pregnancy one last shot. Always desiring 4 children, it soon became evident that 3 boys was this mama's limit. Her body could take no more. A daughter wasn't meant to be. Embracing her role as Mom of Boys, this mama thought she had learned all the lessons a boy could offer. She was yet again surprised by the gifts and lessons her third son brought into her life. His intensity and passion, his unabashed love and ability to express his emotions like a poet, his inquisitiveness reminded us all to live and live big. Every moment has a lesson and every moment should be enjoyed, larger than life.

But still there was a hole in her heart. Something was missing. Pregnancy wasn't an option but as the months crept by and turned into years this mama fought off the repeatedly nagging voice in her ear urging her to have a daughter. It wasn't a possibility! They were done with their family. They were complete! But still, the voice persisted. It would not relent!

Then one day this mama was talking and emailing with another local mama who announced, with great pride, that she had started her journey to adopt a daughter from China. And all at once she knew, as if the obvious had been staring her in the face all along and she was just too close to see it, that adoption was the option. It was her daughter's voice in her ear, urging her on all those years!

Unsure, this mama started the research that would eventually consumer her and take over her life. But for a long time it was just a weekend hobby. Slowly she presented this option to her adoring husband who, as always, reluctantly supported her with open arms. But after researching many countries and programs, nothing compelled her to take the leap. She still wasn't sure. What she really wanted to do was adopt from Vietnam but the program was closed. Another good local friend convinced her to let go and let God or Destiny or Fate take over. So this is exactly what she did.

Just two weeks later, during a conversation with a new friend, this mama had mentioned her desire to one day adopt but the difficulty in finding the right program. She suggested they look into Vietnam. After explaining that they had done this very thing and found the program to be closed, this new friend shared that, in fact, it had just reopened for adoption in the U.S. Leery, the mama did a little research and discovered, with complete amazement, that indeed it had! Within two days the mama and her supportive husband had jumped in with two feet and began the planning, researching and paperchasing journey to find their daughter.

For six months the family worked hard, saved hard, researched, asked questions, learned, cried, hoped, dreamed and finally, on July 6, 2006 The Call finally arrived announcing the referral of their daughter, Addison, whispering in her ear from across the earth in Vietnam. . Her heart is full; her daughter has found her way to this mama and into her heart. And she eagerly anticipates the gifts and lessons her daughter will surely bring into her life and the lives of her eager and welcoming siblings.


It is with great joy and pride that we are finally able to introduce our daughter, Addison Mai Noelle.
posted by Stepping On Legos at 7/07/2006§

wow- congrats!! I am so glad it finally came- I'm just speechless! Send photos NOW!
Wow and not in Danang!!
Yay!!!!! Such wonderful news, I am ecstatic for all of you.
BTW, I love the name Addison. A friend of mine had a baby girl (after 2 boys) on April 20th of this year and guess what the baby's name is? Yep, Addison. :-)
Mai Thi is the other half of Corden's name too!! That's so cool!
I'm so excited for you guys!
YAY!!!!! Put some photos on your LJ so we can see her, dangit! :D

Woo hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wowwww!!!! I just knew it was happening today! What fantastic news! And, she's so young! I couldn't be more happy for you!
How exciting and wonderful! Congratulations.
Awww!!! I am so very happy for you guys! Congrats!

My heart is so overwhelmed with happiness for you right now. I can not imagine how excited you are. As I just began reading, I could tell just how antsy you were.. afterall, aren't we all? Now that the day has come, and you have a beautiful baby girl waiting... I'm just so happy for you.
I'm SO happy for you and your family. The wait has been too long, but definitely worth it. And she's so young. CONGRATS!!!
That is great news, Nicki! I am so excited for you!!!
YAHOOOO those tiny teasing photos are adorable... now spill the rest!!! LOVE her name. She's so young. What other details do you have? Whats the updated timeline?
Congratulations !!! She is so beautiful ! Many blessings to you all.
Hope the rest of your wait goes quickly and she is soon in your arms.
Oh that is just wonderful wonderful news!!!!
Congratulations!! I am so happy for you! I hope that travel permission comes swiftly!!!!
CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Yayyyyyy!!! I'm so happy for you Nicki!! Finally you got the news you've been waiting for!!! A tiny baby girl!!! And she's yours!! :)
Fantastic news! Congrats to you all.
Congratulations... what a beautiful story and a beautiful child and a beautiful name! I'm so happy for you and your family... and for Addison too!
I am so happy for you!!
YIPPPPPEEEEE!!! You already know how extremely happy I am for you and your family!! I sure hope we get to travel together when I get Lucy's referral!
OH MY OH MY. This is wonderful wonderful news. Congratulations!!!

I am extremely excited and happy for you. And for selfish reasons only, it gives me a ton of hope!!!!!!!

Congrats again!!!
Wow, Nicki! Wow! Congratulations to all of you. I have been checking your old blog page periodically, but no changes...no wonder...you were here! Now I need to get caught up. I would love to see pics of your beautiful girl! My email is gretchenknits at gmail dot com. I'm positively grinning for you!
CongratEs Nicki! Sheesh, if you were updating Seven Piled High, I'd know about this instead of reading Laura's blog comments ;)
Congratulations and best wishes!!!
Awesome news. I'm thrilled for you. A new baby. Addison is such a pretty name. Kris shared your news with the Oct. list. We miss you.
Oh Nicki, congrats! One of these days I'll get my head on straight and keep up...I'm sorry I'm late with the congratulations. I'll keep checking more often to hear more of your journey to Addison.
As I read your blog I am overcome with tears, your stroy could be my story. Having three boys, but your daughter's still whipsering your name. Congratulations!! I am thrilled for you!!!!
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