Dear New Version of Blogger Users
I am sorry, I can not comment on your posts. I have written COUNTLESS comments in the last 48 hours but becuase I am using the older version of Blogger and refuse to update to the newer version, it flips me the bird when I try to post my comments. It will not let me post them annonymously, it will not let me post them with other info. It will not accept my Blogger username and password. It is HIGHLY annoying. Blogger - are you listening?!

So I am reading, I am even responding and commenting. But you aren't receiving. Sorry. :-( I hope Blogger fixes it soon.

Meanwhile I can at least comment to those "old school" Blogger bloggers, like me :-)
posted by Stepping On Legos at 12/14/2006§

Yeah feh. I'm not switching to the new version. You're not the first person to complain about it. Maybe someday...
Change scares me LOL
I'm so relieved to find I'm not the only one!!! I too have been posting comments like crazy only to have them rejected -- I just thought it must be me!
New version?? Ok, I'm out of the blogger loop. ;-)
I switched and it is a pain..especially since I don't even like the new features. Keep reading mine..if you want to let me know something in particular..shoot me an email!
I switched recently to the new blogger, and wish I hadn't it. because it seems like very few people can post. But I fear that everyone is going to be forced to switch. So I hope they work out the bugs! I am thinking of posting my email address so people who want to tell me something can. grr to blogger!!!
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