2006: Year in Review
I snagged this idea from Frectis. You can go read her list and see who she snagged it from. Please - snag it from me! It is totally fun to read other people's blog-year's in review. The way it works is you take the first sentence from the first post in each month over the last year and compile them for an overview of your 2006. Here's mine:

  • Today I got the call from our assigned social worker for the home study.
  • We had our second (and last non-home-visit) home study meeting today
  • Ok, I'm totally loving LJ!
  • Today our fingerprinting appointment letters came!
  • Here I am, sitting at the computer, watching the pot, waiting for it to boil.
  • See how I rhymed?!
  • Yes, indeed, it seems July is already starting out in a positive way.
  • Well we are back from our last-minute trip to Stepford, USA.
  • I'm home from our not-so-spontaneous spontaneous summer vacation.
  • I've been pretty quiet and those that are very very observant might notice that my adoption travel ticker is no longer up on the site.
  • Please excuse the ridiculous Mama-has-a-baby-girl voice :-)
  • My Dad and stepMom have been here staying at our house for the last few days for a visit.

I am going to have to pay more attention to my opening sentences in 2007!!
posted by Stepping On Legos at 12/20/2006§

Hey, I like this idea! Too bad I didn't start blogging until July. My list will be pretty short.
This is a cute idea and it's amazing how much is revealed just from 12 blog titles. Think I might have to borrow this idea!
Great idea! I'll do it in the next few days. Yours kind of gave me shivers: you sense something great happenging this year!

And thanks for commenting on my blog. I'm not Christmas idol, that's for sure! Remember, I have no kids yet. Check out my Christmas next year!
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