Tick Tock
Here I am, sitting at the computer, watching the pot, waiting for it to boil. Pathetic, I know.

Next week, maybe, we might maybe possibly get our I-171H, it is rumored. Or at least it is speculated. Sort of. There is this lady, you see. And she got her fingerprints done two weeks before us. And she got her approval two weeks ago! So you see - I draw conclusions! Plus then there is my friend Nicole who appears to be a psychic. She's always right. She has said for months now that it is coming at the beginning of May. I thought she was smoking the crack rock again. Apparently she's just more intuitive than me. I hope. It's too soon to say, you know.

Meanwhile, we are waiting on our final two (of five) passports. They should come by mid-month. Sloooow. Oh and also? we are waiting on our I-171h. Did I mention that? We are also going through the motions of pretending to get our dossier prepared for authentication. I am convincing myself that it is now OK to get those time-sensitive documents. Really, though, I can right? If I do it now, even if we don't get our approval until next month and don't get a referral until the month after that and don't travel for two more months, we'll still be within the 6 month window. So I'm going to go ahead and do it. Maybe. I don't want to jinx anything. Not that I'm superstitious. I do have this one document that needs to be certified in Texas so that will go out this week for sure.

In other news, I finished my first sweater for Madeline. It's chunky and soft and pink. I'm starting on a beautiful jumper that will take me 100 years to finish. Perfect for watching the pot boil, me thinks. Can I bring knitting needles on an International flight, I wonder? I'm also starting two new non-adoption-related books (did you know they existed? I just found out!).

In other family news, our family is going through the chicken pox. One kid down, 4 more to go. Thankfully the one down is the littlest, so the most exhausting. I fared worse than he did. I'm exhausted, sick from lack of sleep, irritable and moody. Of course I know the older kids will be sicker but they will also sleep like humans and not like, well, what wakes up every 10 minutes all night long? I don't know.

Hope everyone is doing well, enjoying their referrals, getting ready for travel soon.
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